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Happy Paws Pet Sitters

Welcome to our Website!

      The Total Pet and Home care service designed to provide quality and personalized care for your pets and home.  Now there is a happy alternative to kennels! As a pet owner,  you are often faced with a dilemma of what to do with your pets.  Whether you are going away on vacation, taking business trip, have to work extended hours, illness, hospitalization, or just want to enjoy an all day outing.  Now your pet can remain in the comfort and safety of the friendly enviroment they enjoy each day.  Happy Paws Pet Sitters offers you peace of mind, convenience, and dependability 365 days a year.  Our visits are customized to you and your pets needs.  Professional Pet and Home sitting is not an economy care option and it may not be in everyone's budget.  However, it sure is a small price to pay considering the peace of mind, convinience and home security provided by responsible, reliable, and experienced Pet and Home Care Professionals.  Consider giving us a try and letting us take care of your cherished pets.

Because we are comitted to providing our clients with the very best service possible, and for your protection and peace of mind we:

* Are Licensed and Insured.                                                      

* Are Veterinarian recommended.

* Have references available upon request.

Advantages of using a Professional Pet and Home Sitter

* Your pet remains in their own familiar and stress free enviroment.

* We follow your pets routine as closely as possible, so there is minimal disruption to there daily schedule.

* Reduces unnecessary kennel trauma, which can lower their inmune system and increases their chances of getting sick.

*  Minimizes exposure to infectious diseases. 

* Gives you the confidence that your pet is recieving the best possible care.

* Daily security checks that give your home that lived in look.

* Someone to notify your local law enforcement of any suspicious acts.

* No need to impose on neighbors, family and friend to take care of your pets while you are away.

*  Unlike your neighbors , family and friends, we as professional pet sitters are trained to notice changes in pet behavior that could indicate an illness or injury.

Pet Services Provided

* Lots of Tender Loving Care and plenty of hugs snd kisses.

* Refresh your pets food and water.

* Medicate your pet at regular scheduled times. Veterinarian trained to administer injections and other medications.

* Walk and exercise your pet.

* Daily doggie potty breaks.

* Brush and play with your pets.

* Clean accidents, pet bowls, cages etc..

* Clean and change litter boxes.


Home Services

* Bring in mail and newspaper.

* Alternate lights, blinds, and shades.

* Take trash out on trash day.

* Water inside and outside plants.

*  Check pool water and chemicals.


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