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About Us

How We Got Started

 We are Janet And Keith Poley originally from New York.  We are a family owned and operated Professional Pet sitting Service established in May of 1999.  It was our unconditional love and passion for animals that was the primary reason we started our own Professional Pet Sitting Service.  Being Ex military, we have had many years of experience of taking care of friends and families pets and homes.  We  have years of experience volunteering  at  the Vet Office. We are also veterinarian trained to administer medications,  I.V, insulin shots,  and handle medical emergency.  We always consult with our veterinarian of 23 years Dr. David Aronson owner of Animal Health Clinic.  We are Proud members of  Pet Sitters Associates LLC, Pet Sitters International, HSUS, and the ASPCA. 

Our Mission to our clients is to provide them with excellent, dependable, reliable and quality care for their pets. We will love and treat your pet as our own. We are dedicated to the safety, comfort and well being of your beloved pet(s).

Our Pets

These 6 little joys are the the K-9 family that allows us to share their home with them.  From Left to Right they are Amber, Brittany, Mandy, Nikki, Jamie and Tyler.  This wonderful family has lost two of their members. Nikki  and Mandy have been taken from us. You can read more about them on the In Loving Memory page.  They both brought us many years of joy and were our best and most loyal friends.  The four remaining Pekies are Brittany (the mamma), Amber, is the self proclaimed Queen and runs the show, Jamie and Tyler are not loving brothers, as a matter of fact we always say we should have named them Able and Kain. None the less they still bring  so much happiness in to our lives.


Referral Reward Program

If  you are happy with the service we provided you with  please feel free to refer Happy Paws Pet Sitters to your family, friends and neighbors.  Word of mouth is always the best way to aquire new clients.  As a way of  saying Thank You, in return we will offer you a gift certificate  for one free visit for every referral you send our way when they book and use our service.  Keep in mind that seven referrals equals a free week of once a day vacation visits!.  Please be sure to tell your referrals to mention your name.  A letter of recommendation is always appreciated.

We hope you enjoy having your pets pampered and loved by Happy Paws Pet Sitters!


We Value Your Feedback

In order to serve you better we will leave a Satisfaction Survey on our last visit.  Please fill out the survey and send it back.  We may follow up with a phone call to ask how satified you were with our service.

You can also send us an email to: hpps1193@aol.com. or feel free to call us at any time with your questions, comments or suggestions at (850) 941-1193.